Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Big Tuna On Fin's Menu

When news broke that Bill Parcells was going to be head of football operations for the Atlanta Falcons, I actually saw some dim light at the end of the Falcons debacle of a season. Not soon after I made that brilliant thought the news broke that Parcells turned down the Falcons, and again I thought it was a great move because who the hell wants to deal with that mess? That instant credibility the Falcons had for about 24 hours was gone as quickly as Micheal Vick's so called friends turned states evidence on him.

Arthur Blank can't be that bad of a owner can he? I mean he did bring us Home Depot! Then again running a retail business is a little different then running a 100+ million dollar sports franchise. To have Vick lie and turn on him. Bobby Petrino lie and turn on him. Now the Big Tuna turning him down at the last moment there has to be something either in the water in Atlanta or behind the scenes that the normal fans just don't see that is making these guys bolt like they do.

The talent level is not that much different from Miami to Atlanta, then again Atlanta does not have South Beach! How soon do you think it will take the Tuna to get busted for posing with some underage girls in the 'Girls Gone Wild' trilogy? It's all good Tuna - we have all been there. So what made the Tuna turn down the Falcons to go to Miami? Money? Reports are it is the same money. Power? Reports are it was the same powers. So what is it? Someone help me out here!

As for the Tuna going to Miami it gives Fin-Nation something to finally cheer about. I felt your pain all the way up here in the Midwest Fin fans, and I was glad to see you guys grab that win last week. But adding Bill Parcells is a brilliant move. It is obvious the current regime could not find their way out of a dark closet more or less find actual talent. Don't get me wrong I think Ginn can be a solid special teams player but who takes a special teams player in the first round? You can usually get them of the scrap heap of non-drafted players or dudes selling car insurance. I made my case for Parcells to replace Mike Shannahan when 'The Rat' gets fired after the season due to the fact that Parcells knows how to build a team. He will bring in the players, the coaches and before long the Dolphins will be able to take off those brown bags off their faces and actually be proud of their team.

I did not like the hire of Cam Cameron from the start and he is the next Norv Turner who is nothing better then a good offensive coordinator and horrible head coach. Turner almost got ran out of the San Diego after three weeks because he seemed to forget he has a future Hall Of Fame running back to carry the load. Instead he puts it in the hands of Rivers who looks like he is throwing with a broken arm. Look familiar Fin fans? Cameron is running the same system and like Turner thinks he needs to go Mike Martz and throw the ball 400 times a game. Why can't you run the ball? Oh that's right Cameron was unable to find good talent to backup Ronnie Brown. And how many quarterbacks can you go through in a season?

Cameron do us all a favor turn in your resignation now. It will look better that you went out on your own terms instead of waiting for the Tuna to come in and fire your ass 10 seconds after he walks in the door. He knows your the problem and he already said wherever he goes he is bringing his own General Manager AND Head Coach. You think he is going to let you hold him back from resurrecting the Fins? Not a chance. And if the hell does freeze over and he allows you to stay one more season, you think he won't hand pick your coaching staff? You got your chance to be the man, you got your millions of dollars now do the right thing and leave.

Rejoice Dolphin fans the end of this terrible regime is near and a bright future is coming at the hand of the BIG TUNA!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vick Now State Property

Inmate #00821 Micheal Vick meet your cell mate Inmate #03874 Bubba Works.

I for one am very pleased to see Micheal Vick turn in his suits and bling for prison stripes, handcuffs and leg irons. But what makes me sick is how he continues to get 'support' from his former teammates and even main stream media outlets. Specially ESPN.

Newsflash people: Micheal Vick is a murderer.

I keep hearing the same quote over and over again "It's just a dog". So your telling me that because it has four legs, can not talk or defend itself it can just be whacked for no good reason? Then again Vick had good reason to kill his dogs, they did not do well killing other dogs!

I understand that dog fighting is a part of the southern culture but so was the confederate flag, and we see how much work, time and money go into getting the confederate flag banned because it is 'offensive'. And putting a defenseless dogs head into a bucket of water drowning it to death is not 'offensive'? How about spraying a dog with a hose then electrocuting it to death is not 'offensive'? And yet all you hear from Vick supporters is "well that is what he was raised around and what he believed'. That is code for "We know he fucked up but he is still our boy and we will defend him no matter what'.

As I watch ESPN instead of them talking about the deaths of these animals, all they want to talk about is if Vick will be able to return to the NFL. How about they talk about these animals -- they can't come back from death! I love listening to them say "well I don't agree or condone what he did but I understand it is part of the culture'. By saying that means you do condone it because otherwise you would say what most of the nation is saying and that is what Vick did was hanice, despicable and cruel and he should not be defended under ANY reason.

Now we come to the Atlanta Falcons. DeAngelo Hall comes out holding a Micheal Vick poster during his entry, which not only is it a bad statement but it was just stupid. However it was him as well as Alge Crumpler putting 'MV7' on their eye black patches that really pissed me off. The last time I saw that it was players showing respect to Sean Taylor for being killed defending his family. And yet these guys use it to support a convicted killer? There is something seriously wrong here. I did not forget about you Roddy White with your 'Free Mike Vick' t-shirt, I would like to see someone pull up their jerseys and show off a 'Don't Kill Dogs' t-shirt.

I understand supporting your friends as we all have or had friends who did things we wish they did not do and you still stood by them. But did you go around with Johnny's name on your shirt when he got popped for a DUI and paralyzed someone? Taking their case of supporting Vick the way they have just tells me that these guys have no class and just goes to show you just what kind of guys Vick associated himself with.

Lets not forget Vicks buddies playing the race card either. The government did not go after Micheal Vick because he was black, they want after him because he committed a federal crime. I think his buddies forget the long list of white criminals who have been convicted of federal crimes just as bad as Vick or even less. Was it because he was famous? Maybe. Is it really that bad to send a message that whether you are worth millions of dollars or live in a trailer, that you get caught for dog fighting you will go to prison? Whether the person is black, white or green the message is a simple one --- DON'T BREAK THE LAW!

The best part is it was reported that if Vick would of come clean from the start he would of not spent day in prison, but because he lied, tried to cover up and refused to accept blame he is sitting in prison for two years. Not because he was black but because he was stupid and not honest. Another lesson for Vick supporters --- DON'T LIE TO THE LAW!

I hope Vick will take this time and find redemption and come out a honest man and wrong all his rights. But if he continues to hang around the same people like DeAngelo Hall, Roddy White, Alge Crumpler and his friends at ESPN he will never be a better man and that is just a waste.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bronco's Next Head Coach?

As the Broncos continue their downward spiral it will only a matter of time before Mike Shanahan will be shown the door. Pat Bowlen will not continue to spend multi-millions of dollars on a bad product that has the talent but not the right leader.

So when Mike Shanahan is fired, who will be next Denver Bronco's head coach? I have narrowed it down to five possible (and maybe one or two not so possible) coaches that could replace Shanahan.

Bill Cowher. Who does not love the chin and the excitement Mc. Chin brings to the sidelines? He comes from another well respected and historic franchise in the Pittsburgh Steelers so he would fit right in with the Broncos. He loves to pound the rock and the Broncos have the best running games in the National Football League. He loves hard pounding defense and what does the Broncos desperately need? Let Champ and Dre' do their thing out in space but bring back Al Wilson and bring in some hard hitters that will punch the opponents in the mouth every play. Cowher also brings with him a winning record of 149-90 during the regular season and 12-9 in the playoffs. Cowher would be a great fit for Denver and would be my #1 choice to be the next Broncos head coach.

Mike Martz. The Greatest Show on turf moves into the Mile High City. With receivers like Marshall and Stokley and the up and coming speedsters the Broncos are slowly bringing up and a mobile quarterback in Cutler (seeing that Martz will throw 98% of the time and have less protection for Cutler), I think Martz would be a good fit in Denver. You can wear down the defenses by throwing the rock all over the field then pound them up the middle with the running game. Martz has been a part of three Super Bowls (one as an assistant and two as head coach) and won one Championship, so he knows how to get the job done. Just look at how he is making Jon Kitna look like the next Kurt Warner in Detroit. His lack of running the ball might be the only downside to Martz but watching balls fly all over Invesco Field would be a lot of fun to watch!

Bill Parcells. The Big Tuna got ran out of Dallas because of Terrell Owens but the simple fact is look at where the Cowboys are at this season. It is the exact team Dallas had last year and had it not been for Romo thinking about his date with Carrie Underwood later that night during the playoffs he might not have fumbled that ball and cost the Cowboys the game. The Big Tuna is old and looks comfortable in his seat at ESPN but you put the Tuna in charge of the Broncos and he will make a difference. He has two championship rings and don't forget he was the Head Coach of the Air Force in 1978!

Pete Carroll. Sure he has a 33-31 record in the NFL but how about that 75-14 record in college and just watching him pump out talent after talent every year, not to mention two National Championships. Carroll got fired from the NFL and vowed never to return but I think if he sees the actual talent that the Broncos have and the potential for a Super Bowl sooner then most of Bronco Nation thinks, he could change his mind. Carroll is a players coach, unlike Shannahan who only thinks of himself and thinks the team only wins because if him, and Carroll will be able to teach and coach the younger players the Broncos have.

Bobby Turner. The longest shot of them all but I never shy away from giving Bobby some love. You tell him his running backs are only good because of the 'system' and he will give you the angry stare. But who do you think built that system? Shanahan? He would love for you to think that because that is the only thing going right for the Broncos. But it is Turner who has coached and brought players from nowhere to being 1,000 yard rushers. You hear that is was because of the offensive line guru coach Gibbs. Well he was there years before Turner got there and the rushing game was not what it is. You hear it is the offensive linemen. 90% of them are injured or gone from the team and yet the rushers keep running. When is Bobby Turner going to get the respect he deserves? He coached Ohio State running backs Robert Smith and Eddie George into 1,000+ rushers in college and the pros. He coached Mike Alstott into being one of the best fullbacks in the league when he was at Purdue. Turner has the experience and the players respect to deserve not only to be a Offensive Coordinator but a Head Coach and what better place then the Denver Broncos where he has already built the foundation that will carry the Broncos for years to come.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mike Shanahan's Self Destruction

I have tried over the last 11 seasons to defend Denver Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan, but that job has been getting harder and harder every day. I have now joined the Bronco Nation and as I am on my knees every night praying that Broncos owner Pat Bowlen will finally see through the smokey haze of bullshit that Shanahan has put in front of Bowlen, and fire Shannahan now!

It is really sad because Shanahan really was a prized head coach that had a very bright future ahead of him, but the problem is not talent or ownership not giving Shanahan the money and freedom to do whatever Shanahan feels he needs to do to make the team better. It is not the Oakland Raiders syndrom of "the NFL is against us' or Shanahan's lack of coaching ability.

The problem for Shanahan is .................... Shanahan.

He can not get out of his own way and what is the most dangerous part of the whole debacle going on in the Mile High City is that Shanahan not only believes what he is doing is right, but he continues to point blame at everyone else instead of taking it upon himself. He cuts players, fires coaches and anyone else who dares to defy the Shanahan Way. That is why Shanny will never be discussed in the same breath as coaches like Tony Dungy who does not point blame when things go wrong and when things go right Dungy deflects it to his players and coaches. Why can't Shanny figure it out? He is quick to accept all the praise of those Super Bowl Championships but God forbid you blame him for bringing in the players and coaches he has brought in.

Looking at the Broncos coaching staff is like looking at a family tree. How many father/son combinations does a team really need? Jim & Jeremy Bates, Bob and Ryan Slowik, did Shanahan get a two for one deal when it came to hiring these coaches? Jim Bates has to be one of the biggest busts and I am glad Bob Slowik is doing such a great job with our so called "shut-down" corners. The only time you know Champ or Dre Bly are on the field is when you see a long bomb being caught and you see their name on the back of the uniforms chasing down the receiver. Ryan Slowick is doing a awesome job with the special teams seeing that he missed the memo that is posted in every teams locker room that reads: "WARNING-BE AWARE OF DEVIN HESTER - KNOWN TO RUN BACK 98% O F PUNTS AND KICKOFFS". I am less disappointed in Jimbo's son Jeremy who has actually done a great job with the receivers as Brandon Marshall is breaking out into a solid receiver.

So is it the players like Bailey and Bly who just got this bad overnight? It is Shanahan hiring "Yes" coaches who will agree with whatever he says just to pickup that nice paycheck. Shanny has too many positions with the Broncos and should leave player evaluations to the General Manager Sundquist, I mean that is why he is there right? But Shanny has to have his hands in everything and it takes him away from the thing that made him a good hire when the Broncos brought him aboard, his coaching.

The question remains, will Shanahan swallow his pride and leave his bloated ego at the door and bring in coaches that can actually get the most out of the players and try and win some games? It has been seven years since Elway retired and in those seven years Shanny has yet to do the above so I don't see it happening anytime soon. Which leaves us with the last hope of Bowlen doing the Bronco Nation a favor and kick Shanahan out the door before the talent that is in a Bronco uniform will be too old to bring another championship to Denver.

Please Bowlen ---- hear us ---- FIRE SHANAHAN NOW!


Mike Shanahan's First 4 Seasons:

Regular Season Record: 47-14
Playoff Record: 7-1
Championships: 2

Mike Shanahan's Last 7 Seasons:

Regular Season Record: 59-49
Playoff Record: 0-3
Championships: 0


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