Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Big Tuna On Fin's Menu

When news broke that Bill Parcells was going to be head of football operations for the Atlanta Falcons, I actually saw some dim light at the end of the Falcons debacle of a season. Not soon after I made that brilliant thought the news broke that Parcells turned down the Falcons, and again I thought it was a great move because who the hell wants to deal with that mess? That instant credibility the Falcons had for about 24 hours was gone as quickly as Micheal Vick's so called friends turned states evidence on him.

Arthur Blank can't be that bad of a owner can he? I mean he did bring us Home Depot! Then again running a retail business is a little different then running a 100+ million dollar sports franchise. To have Vick lie and turn on him. Bobby Petrino lie and turn on him. Now the Big Tuna turning him down at the last moment there has to be something either in the water in Atlanta or behind the scenes that the normal fans just don't see that is making these guys bolt like they do.

The talent level is not that much different from Miami to Atlanta, then again Atlanta does not have South Beach! How soon do you think it will take the Tuna to get busted for posing with some underage girls in the 'Girls Gone Wild' trilogy? It's all good Tuna - we have all been there. So what made the Tuna turn down the Falcons to go to Miami? Money? Reports are it is the same money. Power? Reports are it was the same powers. So what is it? Someone help me out here!

As for the Tuna going to Miami it gives Fin-Nation something to finally cheer about. I felt your pain all the way up here in the Midwest Fin fans, and I was glad to see you guys grab that win last week. But adding Bill Parcells is a brilliant move. It is obvious the current regime could not find their way out of a dark closet more or less find actual talent. Don't get me wrong I think Ginn can be a solid special teams player but who takes a special teams player in the first round? You can usually get them of the scrap heap of non-drafted players or dudes selling car insurance. I made my case for Parcells to replace Mike Shannahan when 'The Rat' gets fired after the season due to the fact that Parcells knows how to build a team. He will bring in the players, the coaches and before long the Dolphins will be able to take off those brown bags off their faces and actually be proud of their team.

I did not like the hire of Cam Cameron from the start and he is the next Norv Turner who is nothing better then a good offensive coordinator and horrible head coach. Turner almost got ran out of the San Diego after three weeks because he seemed to forget he has a future Hall Of Fame running back to carry the load. Instead he puts it in the hands of Rivers who looks like he is throwing with a broken arm. Look familiar Fin fans? Cameron is running the same system and like Turner thinks he needs to go Mike Martz and throw the ball 400 times a game. Why can't you run the ball? Oh that's right Cameron was unable to find good talent to backup Ronnie Brown. And how many quarterbacks can you go through in a season?

Cameron do us all a favor turn in your resignation now. It will look better that you went out on your own terms instead of waiting for the Tuna to come in and fire your ass 10 seconds after he walks in the door. He knows your the problem and he already said wherever he goes he is bringing his own General Manager AND Head Coach. You think he is going to let you hold him back from resurrecting the Fins? Not a chance. And if the hell does freeze over and he allows you to stay one more season, you think he won't hand pick your coaching staff? You got your chance to be the man, you got your millions of dollars now do the right thing and leave.

Rejoice Dolphin fans the end of this terrible regime is near and a bright future is coming at the hand of the BIG TUNA!

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