Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vick Now State Property

Inmate #00821 Micheal Vick meet your cell mate Inmate #03874 Bubba Works.

I for one am very pleased to see Micheal Vick turn in his suits and bling for prison stripes, handcuffs and leg irons. But what makes me sick is how he continues to get 'support' from his former teammates and even main stream media outlets. Specially ESPN.

Newsflash people: Micheal Vick is a murderer.

I keep hearing the same quote over and over again "It's just a dog". So your telling me that because it has four legs, can not talk or defend itself it can just be whacked for no good reason? Then again Vick had good reason to kill his dogs, they did not do well killing other dogs!

I understand that dog fighting is a part of the southern culture but so was the confederate flag, and we see how much work, time and money go into getting the confederate flag banned because it is 'offensive'. And putting a defenseless dogs head into a bucket of water drowning it to death is not 'offensive'? How about spraying a dog with a hose then electrocuting it to death is not 'offensive'? And yet all you hear from Vick supporters is "well that is what he was raised around and what he believed'. That is code for "We know he fucked up but he is still our boy and we will defend him no matter what'.

As I watch ESPN instead of them talking about the deaths of these animals, all they want to talk about is if Vick will be able to return to the NFL. How about they talk about these animals -- they can't come back from death! I love listening to them say "well I don't agree or condone what he did but I understand it is part of the culture'. By saying that means you do condone it because otherwise you would say what most of the nation is saying and that is what Vick did was hanice, despicable and cruel and he should not be defended under ANY reason.

Now we come to the Atlanta Falcons. DeAngelo Hall comes out holding a Micheal Vick poster during his entry, which not only is it a bad statement but it was just stupid. However it was him as well as Alge Crumpler putting 'MV7' on their eye black patches that really pissed me off. The last time I saw that it was players showing respect to Sean Taylor for being killed defending his family. And yet these guys use it to support a convicted killer? There is something seriously wrong here. I did not forget about you Roddy White with your 'Free Mike Vick' t-shirt, I would like to see someone pull up their jerseys and show off a 'Don't Kill Dogs' t-shirt.

I understand supporting your friends as we all have or had friends who did things we wish they did not do and you still stood by them. But did you go around with Johnny's name on your shirt when he got popped for a DUI and paralyzed someone? Taking their case of supporting Vick the way they have just tells me that these guys have no class and just goes to show you just what kind of guys Vick associated himself with.

Lets not forget Vicks buddies playing the race card either. The government did not go after Micheal Vick because he was black, they want after him because he committed a federal crime. I think his buddies forget the long list of white criminals who have been convicted of federal crimes just as bad as Vick or even less. Was it because he was famous? Maybe. Is it really that bad to send a message that whether you are worth millions of dollars or live in a trailer, that you get caught for dog fighting you will go to prison? Whether the person is black, white or green the message is a simple one --- DON'T BREAK THE LAW!

The best part is it was reported that if Vick would of come clean from the start he would of not spent day in prison, but because he lied, tried to cover up and refused to accept blame he is sitting in prison for two years. Not because he was black but because he was stupid and not honest. Another lesson for Vick supporters --- DON'T LIE TO THE LAW!

I hope Vick will take this time and find redemption and come out a honest man and wrong all his rights. But if he continues to hang around the same people like DeAngelo Hall, Roddy White, Alge Crumpler and his friends at ESPN he will never be a better man and that is just a waste.

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